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X Box Games For Free?

Lots of people or looking for free x box games. As a matter of fact, they are quite expensive. Getting an illegal copy of a game is immoral, so a better solution is maybe renting the games. When you’re sure the games lives up to its promises you can still go to the (online) store and buy it… In our home we have two video game systems—an x box and a Playstation. At first we used the Playstation almost exclusively because it had all the best games that we love to play. Over the last year or so, though, I’ve started to notice that we now have a very large collection of x box games and we’ve hardly been using our Playstation.

It started last year when my neighbor decided to sell his x box in the multi-family yard sale we had. His son was playing it too much and he just wanted to get rid of it, so I was able to pick it up pretty cheap. He also had lots of x box games to go with it, and I got him to throw them in for very little money since we were taking the system off his hands. Some of the x box games were things I would never play like Football and Soccer, but he also had several fighting video games, which I love to play.

One of my favorite x box games is Dance Dance Revolution because it is a challenging game and also a workout. When I first bought the game I didn’t think it would be very difficult, and I also wondered how much I would like it since I couldn’t imagine a video game that could accurately simulate dancing. I was surprised when I got it home and found out how difficult the game was and also how much it felt like I was really dancing once I got the hang of it. It is the only one of all of our x box games that requires you to stand up and exercise which is also a bonus.

X box games can be unbelievably expensive, so whenever I want to play one, I rent it at the video store first to see if it is worth buying. The only exception is Dance Dance Revolution which I just went out and bought because it seemed like less of a hassle than trying to rent the video game and mat. Also I wasn’t very excited about using a mat that potentially hundreds of other people could’ve stomped around on with their smelly feet. I’ve also seen x box games for sale on ebay for less money than in the store, so sometimes I go there too. But the best way to get new games is to find someone else who has a good collection of x box games and trade with them, though you have to be pretty careful about making sure you get your games back. These days the only games I buy at the store are the ones I know I will get addicted to like Snowboarding and, of course, Dance Dance Revolution.


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