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Temporary Internet Files Clearing

I’m not a computer expert, and very regularly I get irritated by things that simply don’t work or that are to complicated or to hidden in code to understand. If you work with Internet Explorer you know the temporary internet files. Of course it was meant to helop you in the first place, but I experienced some really good things if you keep the size of that folder rather small. Before I got my laptop computer, I had a huge problem with my temporary Internet files on my old desktop. I’m not sure what the problem was, but once I was on my new computer, my husband had to completely delete my user account on the old computer. It would seem that something got into my files that I could not find, and that I could not give rid of, and it was affecting the very basic operations of some Internet pages. There seemed to be nothing I could do to correct the problem.

When I tried to attach or open a file though my email service, I would have to empty my temporary Internet files in order to do so. If I did not, the page would just sit as if it were loading and nothing would happen. I even got up to go do something else to see if I was just being impatient, but the page would never load. I tried everything I could think of, and finally one day I emptied my temporary Internet files and suddenly everything worked again.

I have no idea why clearing out the temporary Internet files did the trick. All I know is that it got so bad that every single time I wanted to attach something, I had to clear them out. The funny thing was that this did not happen with any of the other accounts on the computer. I could have used a different account, but I had a lot of information on my account, and it would have taken forever to move everything. I may have even inadvertently moved the problem right along with it. I knew I was getting a laptop, so I just put up with it until I could get rid of it.

You shouldn’t have to clear your temporary Internet files all of the time, but there are times when it might help. If you are having problems with your browser, you can sometimes get rid of your cookies, or rather clear them out, to see if that happens. If that doesn’t do the trick, you can clear out your temporary Internet files to see if that helps. This should not do anything bad to your system, so don’t worry that you’ll have problems after you do it. If you do, you should take your machine in to see if something else more serious is going on.

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