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Notebook Battery Is The Weak Point

If there is one weak point in notebooks, then it must be the battery. A notebook battery never seems to last long enough, and time is always up on the most inconvenient moment… 

Laptops, laptops, laptops! I have to say that I love my laptop computer. Or, notebook computer if you prefer. Personally I can hardly tell the difference. All I know is that mine typically sits on my lap; therefore I call it a laptop. There are many wonderful aspects of these nifty little machines. They do so much for us everyday. This is exactly why I couldn’t bare to live without mine after experiencing its wonders. It’s definitely not just about checking the bank account or sending an email. It’s about getting work done from home, and having the coolest and most advanced writing utensil ever. I need my Mac G4 Ibook to write all the time. It’s convenient and I adore the thing. Anyhow, then there is the infamous notebook battery. I call it infamous because the darn thing just doesn’t last long enough.

How long have you owned your laptop or notebook computer? Has it been a year, three years, or possibly five? Now, what I really want to know is how long your notebook battery lasted. I will be completely blunt about mine. I purchased my notebook/laptop computer in December of 2004. The notebook battery failed around summer of 2006. Is this standard? Of course I do use my computer redundantly day in and day out. However, I just assumed that the battery would last five to ten years. My brother chuckled at me when I told him this. He said it has more to do with how many times you’ve run it down and recharged it. Oh well. So anyway, I just purchased a new notebook battery for my Mac G4 Ibook and it cost me $125. This is without a doubt, the most expensive battery I’ve every bought. Then again, it’s a lot better than having to leave my computer plugged in all the time when using it.

Looking for a notebook battery? Hey, you can do what I did. I went straight to the manufacturer. This way I know exactly what I’m getting and that it’s a brand spankin new notebook battery. I definitely don’t want another used one. This is why i question some sellers on I can’t help but steer away from there. Especially when it comes to a battery. How would I know if it’s been used or not?

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