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New Email Account Against Harassment

Every youngster is familiar with email and chatting. If you don’t spend to much time there, that’s OK. But only few kids or adults are aware of the possible dangers and harassments in the chatting room. If it happens to you, change your chatting ID immediately, avoid the chatting rooms involved and even consider to take a new email account. 

My freshman year of college, I spent quite a bit of time in chat rooms, talking to other college students and IM’ing old friends. I never did anything inappropriate in any of the rooms, nor did I ever give out any of my personal information. I met one particular male online who just seemed very strange to me. He wanted to know all kinds of information about me and I wasn’t cooperative in giving it to him. I knew that he went to a nearby college and he continued to ask me to meet him sometime. He had no clue what I looked like, nor did I know what he looked like. I was happy with that. However, he wasn’t the least bit happy with that. He began to harass me online every day. I got nasty emails, threats, hundreds of junk mail forwards a day that he loved to clutter my mailbox with, and various disrespectful actions. I was a bit intimidated and scared, but after two weeks, I notified all of my friends and family that I was going to be closing that address and opening up a new email account. I did exactly that.
Opening a new email account was incredibly easy. There are several places that anyone can open up a new email account for free and maintain it however they would like. I chose Yahoo for my new email account. All was well for a few months and I stopped talking to strangers in chat rooms. I saw the creep in a few rooms on occasion, but since I’d changed my name as well, he didn’t have a clue who I was.

Then, one day, he started asking others in the chat room if they knew me and how to find me. I was in the room at the time, and began to freak out. What was wrong with this guy? How could he be so obsessed when he didn’t even know me. I was afraid to leave the room immediately for fear that he’d think that was suspicious. Luckily, no one in the room gave him any information and a friend of mine, who was also in the room, said that I’d dropped out of college. He seemed to accept that.

Later that day, when I was checking mail through my new email account, there was an email from him. He’d found me. How he found me, I will never know. His email asked me why I closed my other account, why I thought I was too good to talk to him anymore, and where I was now. After panicking for a few hours, I cancelled that email address and opened yet another new email account, this time through hotmail. I never entered another chat room again. I also never heard from him again. 

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