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Do you manage a website? In that case you are familiar with the stats. Most hosting companies use cpanel and you can check your stats with awstats or webalizer. The IP address tracker is one of the many data you can read about your website. Though I don’t have a website for any business reasons, I do have one that is just for fun. No matter how fun it is I can still have problems with some of the people who visit. It’s amazing the trouble people can cause online, even when the subject matter is something that you would never think could cause a stir. In any case, I have had problems with a few people leaving nasty messages on my site, and I have had to install an IP address tracker to keep an eye on things.

After I installed the IP address tracker I could see when a certain IP visits my site. It records the IP number of the visitor. It tells me where they live, but not their address, and who their Internet provider is. When someone posts something nasty on the site, I can find out which IP address visited at that moment, and I can then ban that address. So far, the IP address tracker has done very well, and I know not only where people are coming from, but how often they come and what pages they see on the site.

There are things that an IP address tracker cannot tell you, and that is so that you can protect your privacy when you are online. They cannot give you the name, address, or any other personal information on a visitor. That’s fine with me, and I like it that way. No one should be able to find your home address or phone number just because you visited a site with an IP address tracker. I don’t want to know that information, I just want to be able to get rid of the troublemakers who sometimes show up on my site.

Though my IP address tracker is great for keeping people away, it is also neat for other small reasons. The IP address tracker I have tells you what city and country visitors are from, and it also tells me how many times they have visited. It’s very cool to see people from different countries that have been on my site. I can also see if they have come from a certain link somewhere else on the Internet. This tells me where people are posting links to my site, and also tells me where people are finding the site on search engines. Though this isn’t critical information for me, it is important if you have an online business.

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