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Email Policies In Your Company

Good standard email policies is something that all reputable companies with employees should have. There are many reasons for that: you want your employees to be productive and not spending their time on trivial email traffic, or you want a certain business style and reputation for your company, or… 

If you have an email address through your work, you have to worry about the email policies that your company may have on your account. Though you can do anything you want through your private email as long as you are not at work, what you can do with your work email address may be restricted, and there are very good reasons for this. You should make sure you know what your company expects from you, and you have to know that they may be checking up on you.

Most companies have email policies to protect their image. They don’t want you sending out something that may harm their reputation with an email address with their name on it. This is totally understandable. It might be like someone using your email address to send out porn. In the end, even if you didn’t personally do it, it might reflect badly on you nonetheless. When you begin your job and are assigned your address, the company will most likely spell out their email policies for you. If they don’t, make sure you ask if there is anything else you need to know.

Email policies might also cover when you can use your email. Many companies frown on workers using their work email address for personal correspondence because it cuts down on productivity. You know how it is when you get emails you stop and read them. This can cut down on the time you are working, and they don’t want everyone dwelling on personal emails when they need to be working. They don’t pay you to check your personal emails so you should know that if you are caught that you might be in trouble.

You should also find out if your companies email policies cover checking in on you. Some people reserve the right to read everything that comes in and out of your work email address to make sure you aren’t doing something you shouldn’t be. Though some people think this is an invasion of privacy, they may be well within their rights to do this. Save yourself the hassle and have your own email policies. Save the personal stuff for when you are home, or at the very least, attend to it on your lunch hour. Ask if this is OK first, however, as they may not be able to tell when you were online or emailing. They may ask you to use your own personal email address no matter what, and leave the business one to business affairs only.

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