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For my private and for my professional use, my computers last for four years. I don’t care trying to fix or update them after four years, because it is just not worth the trouble. Computers are no high tech special machines anymore, they are just everyday’s tools. Computers are so low priced today, that I guess discount computer stores are heading rough times. I have been running a discount computer store for about three years now – long enough to know how the business works. When most people go shopping for discount computers, they are rather wary and suspicious. You see, no one looks for a cheap computer – people look for the cheapest computers. They don’t necessarily want the cheapest computer in the store – only a sucker would take that. They simply want a discount computer that is worth much more than it is priced for. People are always on the lookout for a good deal, you see, and will go to great lengths to find one. Despite the fact the computer discounts change every day, and that something new will be on sale tomorrow, they still think that they can find the perfect deal. The key to running a discount computer store is to let them think that.

You see, there is a simple fact about the discount computer industry that no one shopping for computers wants to realize.  Basically, no matter how good a deal you get today, there will probably be a better deal tomorrow. You can get a great discount computer deal – particularly if you’re willing to go through a local distributor who doesn’t have the same regional overhead from advertising that companies like Dell do – but you just can’t stay ahead of the game for too long. Computer technology keeps getting better and better, and the only way to keep up with the Joneses is to wait a couple weeks after they buy a computer to buy your own.

This fact can drive a lot of people crazy when they shop for discount computers. I recently had a client who was looking for a discount laptop computer, and I gave him one of the best deal that we had sold in months. Nonetheless, a week later he came in angry. Apparently he had found that same discount computer on sale across town for about 150 dollars less. Although I explained to him that this wasn’t a very unusual event in the discount computer market, he wouldn’t listen. He felt like I had personally betrayed him! He couldn’t understand the most basic facts about the discount computer market, no matter how hard I tried to explain them. When people want to get the best deal, they can be very stubborn about their money. None of them will understand that there is no such thing as “the best deal” in the high tech industries.

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