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Email Policies In Your Company

Good standard email policies is something that all reputable companies with employees should have. There are many reasons for that: you want your employees to be productive and not spending their time on trivial email traffic, or you want a certain business style and reputation for your company, or… 
If you have an email address through your […]

Dating Online Dating

Online dating is something that appeared for the first time some ten years ago. Since then it has made some evolution, but essentially it is not very complicated: bring people together! Of course you have to find a dating service according to your style and needs, but that shouldn’t be to difficult… When you’re in […]

Popular Chat Room

Chat rooms can be a blessing or a curse: if you want to spend some relaxing hours on your computer it can be great fun. However, if you are really hooked into chatting, and when you spend many hours daily just chatting, it could be a major problem! Millions of individuals connect on the Internet each […]

Internet Crime Is A Major Concern

Internet crime is not a strange phenomenon. The internet is a mirror of our “live” society. You have scum bags and real criminals in our normal society, and of course you fin d the same kind of people on the internet. Nor more or not less. Of course the so-called anonimity, or at least the […]