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Computer Crime

Computer crime is not a news issue for the man in the street. I am not sure even if our police force and crime investigation is fully aware of the size of these criminal activities. One thing is for sure: we are going to need big investments and awareness in the battle against computer crime. There […]

Download Napster Or Search Alternatives

The music industry is changing rapidly and it is not easy to stay on the legal side of things. In every country the copyright laws are different, and there are so many exceptions that for ordinary people it becomes really complex. But for sure, downloading and exchanging music files via the internet is not legal… My […]

New Email Account Against Harassment

Every youngster is familiar with email and chatting. If you don’t spend to much time there, that’s OK. But only few kids or adults are aware of the possible dangers and harassments in the chatting room. If it happens to you, change your chatting ID immediately, avoid the chatting rooms involved and even consider […]

IP Address Tracker

Do you manage a website? In that case you are familiar with the stats. Most hosting companies use cpanel and you can check your stats with awstats or webalizer. The IP address tracker is one of the many data you can read about your website. Though I don’t have a website for any business reasons, I […]