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A few years ago blogging was just a fun tool for people with a lot of time and ego. Nowadays blogging is used as one of the marketing tools for both small and big companies, and it became a blogging business. But if you decide to start a blog, please think about it first and make a plan. If it’s just some hobby where you write about your interests, fine. But if you want to establish a blogging business, get good solid information and treat your blog as a business… In the last eight years, the internet blog society has grown from a paltry few thousand to over a half million today. How do these bloggers sustain their presence on the net? After all, a blog is simply an outpouring of the editors’ opinion on whatever the subject matter may be.

If you are contemplating a blog presence on the net, you know that you must either sustain your blog through your personal funds or offset your costs through advertising. If you’re of a philosophical bent, advertising may rub you the wrong way. You may, erroneously, believe that advertising dilutes your message, when in fact, advertising can strengthen your position with your readers. A blogging business can increase your readership, establish you as an expert in your field and drive traffic to your site.

A blogging business may seem to be a contradiction in terms to those who are of a more sensitive nature, writing about serious issues with passion. Let’s say your blog is comprised of entries relevant to human rights, politics or the environment. Such issues may, on the surface, seem to be antithetical to a blogging business. Not so! Your readers are also by nature, activists. They want to do something that makes a difference in the world, and your blog can provide the impetus. You have the opportunity to provide your readers with links to other sites which allow them to do just that.

Your blogging business links are not just a crass sales job. Your links can open new avenues of knowledge to your readership which will be both appreciated by your visitors as legitimate sources of expanded knowledge of your subject, while making money for you, enabling you to continue your message to the world at large. There’s nothing wrong with that! Your blog can be a passionate message, while still earning you an income you can be proud of and guilt free!

You must ask yourself the question, will my blogging business interfere with my message? The answer is, emphatically, no! Carefully researched links only add to your credibility, showing your readers that you know your subject and want to pass on your expertise to them in order to widen their scope of knowledge.

Readers appreciate guidance. If your blog evolves into a blogging business, steering your readership towards more in-depth knowledge on your subject, you’ll be rewarded in two areas: your visitors will become more educated in your subject and your income will increase through commissions gained through click-throughs to pertinent sites offering yet more information or products that increase their awareness of your topic.

Ask yourself, if you’re publishing a blog, don’t you want as many people as possible to be reading your opinions? Doesn’t advertising make sense? You want to educate your readership and a blogging business offers the best of both worlds. Your visitors gain knowledge of your topic and you gain some income to sustain your site.

Properly done, a blogging business can fulfill both your reader’s desires and your pocketbook requirements.

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