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Best Digital Camera In 2007

I recently got a lot of questions about the best digital camera in 2007. What would I buy now if I decided to buy a new digital camera? I don’t know why people ask me all the time and why they trust my judgment. After all, I am not a photographer. People always think I am a snob, and perhaps they are right. I certainly do not identify myself as a snob but I do have something in common with snobs: I always have to have the best and be the best. I accept no limits and no imperfections. This goes for my clothes, my electronic year, and my personal grooming. It also goes for my education as far as I can manage it. So when I wanted to get a digital camera, I did not get some cheapo camera. I get the best digital camera that I could buy. I got what I believed was the best digital camera that money could buy. I also got ripped off.

You see, like most things, there is some debate over what the best digital cameras are. Sometimes people will talk about the best Nikon digital camera or the best Kodak digital camera, but when the debate turns to the best digital camera brand, everyone is stumped. Camera buffs argue and argue about it without end. The best digital camera consumer reports guide says one thing, but the camera professionals magazines say something else. It is all a matter of who you want to listen to, since there’s no way you’ll get to try out all of the Digital cameras by yourself. There are too many of them, and they are too expensive.

I figured that the only way I would be sure to get the best digital camera was to get one with the most features. I chose a reputable brand, and then I proceeded to look at what the different cameras offered. I figured that, since the strength of digital cameras was the fact that you can instantly see the pictures and manipulate them much more easily than with old-fashioned film cameras, the best digital camera would be the one with the most high-tech options. I got one with digital zoom, in camera editing,the ability to take pictures of different dimensions, and many other options. I could even sends pictures out over the Internet by itself! I didn’t even need to upload the pictures onto the computer first if I didn’t want to!

The camera cost me a fortune but it was worth it – or so I thought. Then a friend of mine who is a photography experts saw my camera and practically laughed in my face. He told me that my camera was junk. Digital zoom is worthless, and the other features are just gimmicks. You can do all of that stuff in Photoshop. I guess that my greed was my downfall.

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