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A Spam Blocker Is Worth Gold!

Spam filters, email filtering, spam blocker software: all hot topics today. This problem can not be solved by legislation and rules like the Cam Spam Act. I’ll guess we have to live with it and make the best of it without getting annoyed all the time… You have to love junk mail. Sure, getting it is a pain, and when it fills up your inbox, sometimes there are no words strong enough to convey your feelings. On the other hand, you have to take it for what it is. Instead of blowing up at this constant annoyance, I have learned to laugh at it, and then I have to find a way to get rid of it. It’s actually quite amusing to me when I get offers to enlarge parts of the anatomy that I don’t possess, and even funnier when I get an offer for a mail order bride. Thanks for the offer fellas, but I just don’t swing that way. At least consider my gender when mailing me your annoying time wasters. As amused as I am, I still want it gone, for good.

If you have Yahoo, you already have a pretty good spam blocker on your computer. The problem is that it is not perfect, and you may still have to wade through your spam to find emails you actually want to read. The spam blocker Yahoo has will sometimes put important business related emails in my junk folder. That’s never good. If you have an email address in your address book, the spam blocker will allow that email to go into your inbox. However, when a potential client is trying to reach you for the first time, the spam blocker may send the email the wrong way.

There is another answer, though I don’t have much experience with it as of yet. This is something I want to do very soon, and I’m hoping those trying to email me will understand. I have recently seen a spam blocker called Spam Arrest. I found it because a friend of mine uses it. When I sent an email, I got a notice from this spam blocker that the recipient was trying to block spam email, and I had to go to a website to prove I was a real person. It was honestly quite painless, and I only had to do it once. After that, my emails have gone straight through.

Because spam blocker products are relatively new, there are problems with missing emails, and some spam emails still get through. There will probably never be a way to completely get rid of them, and the reason for this is not faulty software, it’s human. Many people complain, but they still open the mail. If you never opened spam email, and never used those emails to purchase products, there wouldn’t be a market for it. No spam blocker in the world can combat that problem. So, until people wise up and quit clicking, I’ll be relying on my spam blocker to keep the flow of madness down to a dull roar.


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