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August 30, 2007

Get A Computer Science College Degree

Posted in: General

If you’re into computers as a youngster, why not choose for a computer science college degree? Fact is that throughout the years the differences in knowledge between people are ever growing. Even in our civilised society the knowledge barrier is hjust too big for a lot of people. Make sure that you find yourself on the right side of the gap and studying computer science certainly one of the smart things to do. 

I did not set out to go to a computer science college. As a matter of fact, if you had asked me when I first enrolled in the University, it would have been one of my last priorities. I had never taken a computing course before, you see, and none of my career plans revolved around it. I had thought to be a writer, a job that I had aspired to since I was little. I knew that making a living as a professional writer would be difficult, but I was young and very optimistic about my chances.

I actually took a course in the computer school purely on a whim. I think it must have been to get some logical reasoning requirement out of the way, or something like that. Once I tried it, however, I was hooked. Although my computer science college course was difficult, it was a lot of fun. I had never really worked with such purely formal logic before. Constructing creative solutions to problems out of code was a fascinating process for me, One that made all the work worth it. I began to give some serious thought to what I should major in. I was starting to reconsider my original plans.

I knew that people who graduate from computer science colleges made good money. I wanted to have enough time to continue my writing, but it seemed like a good plan to have a steady source of income available in the mean time. After all, subsisting at a good standard of living would make everything a lot easier for me. It would mean, first of all, that I wouldn’t have to worry about getting published right away. I could major in the computer science college and still spend my career doing something that I liked, while also having time on the side to pursue my true passion.

The more I thought about it, the more I realize that computer science college was the right choice for me. After all, who really wants to be poor when you can do something as fun as computer programming, and make money! I took a couple more computer courses just to make sure, but soon I was ready to officially declare my major. It was nice to be sure of what I was going into my freshman year, a time when a lot of people were still struggling to figure out what the future held for them.

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