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March 03, 2007

Download Napster Or Search Alternatives

Posted in: Internet

The music industry is changing rapidly and it is not easy to stay on the legal side of things. In every country the copyright laws are different, and there are so many exceptions that for ordinary people it becomes really complex. But for sure, downloading and exchanging music files via the internet is not legal… My husband had a bad habit of trying to download music from those illegal music sites, and I insisted that he stop doing it when he downloaded a lovely virus that caused me to lose an entire day of work. He knew how I felt about it, but he kept doing it anyway. He has to hear a lot of songs so he can learn how to play them, but I was tired of fighting off the stuff that he downloaded with the songs. Nothing is free, and there was a price to pay for all of those free songs he was listening to. I told him that he had to download Napster because it was the legal way to do it, and that way we knew nothing else was getting into our computer.

It wasn’t that hard to download Napster, and once we found out they took Paypal, we were pretty sure it was the right thing to do. We paid for what should have been a membership that entitled us to all of these free downloads. After a certain amount we had to pay for them, and for the price, we thought we were pretty much breaking even, so the choice to download Napster seemed to be the right choice. There is a catch to Napster though, and I was very angry when I found out what it was. There was nothing in their agreement about it that I could find.

After we decided to download Napster, we went about finding some songs we wanted. He chose a few he needed to learn, and I found some that I had been wanting from my favorite band. A few said “free” on them, which we thought was a bonus. We downloaded all the songs, and then when we went to burn them on to a CD, we figured out what the catch was. Even if the song was ‘free’ you still had to pay to download the song onto a CD. When you have already paid for a membership fee, you wouldn’t think you have to pay a dollar for a song and then another dollar to put it on a CD. Suddenly, the decision to download Napster didn’t seem like such a good idea.

We have since taken them off of our computer, and my husband has to find the songs from friends or try to record them from the radio. While the choice to download Napster seemed like a smart and affordable move, it turned out to be anything but a good idea. If you don’t mind these fees, and want to find some great music, you can download Napster if you want to. I just have a feeling there is a better alternative out there that might be cheaper. I just have to find out what that is.

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