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Discount Computer Stores

For my private and for my professional use, my computers last for four years. I don’t care trying to fix or update them after four years, because it is just not worth the trouble. Computers are no high tech special machines anymore, they are just everyday’s tools. Computers are so low priced today, that I […]

Temporary Internet Files Clearing

I’m not a computer expert, and very regularly I get irritated by things that simply don’t work or that are to complicated or to hidden in code to understand. If you work with Internet Explorer you know the temporary internet files. Of course it was meant to helop you in the first place, but I experienced some […]

Astrology Software And Programs

An astrological reading took many hours before, but now e have a very efficient and useful software solution: astrology software. Don’t be wrong, this is not a child’s play or some funny game. For a real astrological reading you need a lot of mathematical operations, and of course a computer can do that so […]

Computer Desk Furniture Budget

If you want to work at home from time to time, or really want to start a home business, you need some computer desk furniture. Don’t mess around working from the kitchen, or between the kids’ toys: you need your own working space and good clean computer desk furniture. Having the opportunity to work from home […]