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Blogging Business Information

A few years ago blogging was just a fun tool for people with a lot of time and ego. Nowadays blogging is used as one of the marketing tools for both small and big companies, and it became a blogging business. But if you decide to start a blog, please think about it first and make a […]

Adware Removal Tips

Adware is the same of your computer as spam is for your email. You definitely want to get rid of the bugs! I don’t know why people always try to take advantage from other people, according to me it’s not a very good business plan at all… Your computer is acting a little strange. […]

Best Digital Camera In 2007

I recently got a lot of questions about the best digital camera in 2007. What would I buy now if I decided to buy a new digital camera? I don’t know why people ask me all the time and why they trust my judgment. After all, I am not a photographer. People always think I […]

DVD Copy Software For Legal use

The electronics industry is moving faster and faster. The public tries to keep up, sometimes in a legal way, sometimes in an illegal way. DVD copy software is very popular. My point of view however is very clear: also intellectual property or “author rights” is someone’s property. That the owner of those rights might […]