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Build Your Own Pc

Build your own PC and feel like a hero… in case you don’t mess up. If you decide to throw yourself in it, just do it for the fun of it. Chances are low that you can spare a dime doing all the hard work yourself. It can be fun, educating and entertainment… If you want to build […]

Build Your Own Computer

Build your own computer: that was what my brother-in-law told us. But if you are not a computer nerd or technically savvy it can be quite a challenge. Most of the time you have to ask people to assist you with your project. But when your machine works eventually, you will get a very rewarding feeling of accomplishment… […]

Answering Machines Are A Great Invention

Answering machines are a perfect solution to save your privacy and relax hours. As you work at home like me, it seems sometimes that work never stops: there is no physical difference between my working spot and my family or living spot… I am a huge fan of caller ID and answering machines. Why? Simply […]

Online Photo Processing

Online photo processing is a brand new development of the last years. Broadband internet gave us the possibility to quickly send and receive large image files, and even video files. But is the quality of online photo processing equal to the proven old way of photo processing? Photographs are some of our most prized possessions. […]