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Where To Find Downloadable Ringtones?

Where do you find those fancy ringtones for your mobile? A few of my friends seem to use new funny sounds and ringtones. I just found out that you can download them from tons of sites on the internet… Are you one of those cell phone nuts? You know, those individuals that are always chatting it […]

32 Inch Television Fun

Television became important in people’s life some fourty years ago. Before that people had radio, or just small talk with neighbors, friends and family on hot summer evenings… But don’t let us exagerate: the size of some TV’s is just ridiculous: there is nothing sillier than walking into a tiny living room and seeing a 32 inch […]

Digital MP3 player On The Cheap

Digital MP3 players are nowadays part of the common tools of youngsters. At the time they started to pop up, they still were quite expensive. Now you can buy a decent MP3 player for some bucks… I first bought a digital MP3 player several years ago when the devices were still pretty new to the […]

A Spam Blocker Is Worth Gold!

Spam filters, email filtering, spam blocker software: all hot topics today. This problem can not be solved by legislation and rules like the Cam Spam Act. I’ll guess we have to live with it and make the best of it without getting annoyed all the time… You have to love junk mail. Sure, getting it […]